Mike is doing CC Mythology

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So Mike Rugnetta is collaborating with Crash Course to do a mythology series, and I'm excited about it. Crash Course warrants a style note: there are corny bits that seem like they weren't written by Mike himself, but they are handled pretty well. My guess is they write it and Mike rewrites it, similar to Dan's/ James' relationship.
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    I am redonkulously excited for this series, and I'm not just saying that. I rarely use the word "redonkulously".
    And by rarely I mean never.
    Until now.

    I noticed the corny bits as well. My understanding is that they get a professional consultant to write a draft, and then the host/CC writer tries to add "entertainment" to it.

    Also was I the only one chanting "plz no more Campbell plz no more Campbell plz no more Campbell" while watching the intro?
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    This is interesting. It's difficult to do these stories the justice they deserve as cultural artifacts but I look forward to whatever CC comes up with.
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    The first two have been reasonably good. So too has the new Crash Course Comp Sci (which is admittedly just doing historical overview so far). 
    We'll be seeing the first part of Sociology soon (Monday IIRC), which is one I've wanted to see covered for a while though Anthropology is the one I've been most interested in seeing (outside a proper set of Math series... but I have Mathologer, PBS Infinite Series, Vi Heart, 3Blue1Brown and Numberphile to cover that itch). 
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    @vlademir1 Yes I watch all those, despite being ostensibly burnt out on mathematics in general. Vi Hart is my all time favorite, other than that you roughly listed them in the order I admire them.

    The guy from Mathologer is fun to listen to, and I've always found his manner of presentation very solid. PBS Infinite Series repeatedly tackles interesting topics, but tends to overexplain things from my point of view and I have to skip forward a lot. 3Blue1Brown has historically exhibited really poor craftsmanship, but has (slowly) improved, although it's still extremely sparse and I wish the entire format were revamped. Numberphile has always had "we need a story, any story" syndrome but one of my professors was actually featured on a few episodes.

    Vi Hart's videos have gotten so social I'd hesitate to call them mathematics videos anymore. They're very unique and worth watching as always.
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