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WELCOME TO BONUS POINTS! All aboard the new forum train. Or boat. Or whatever. Hopefully you're not a rat trying to stow away as we sail across the high seas. If you're fairly confident that isn't you, and you're crew, a passenger, or an ordinary, non-rat stow away, why not introduce yourself? Many of us [such as myself] may have changed our names in transferring from the old forum which shall not be named for inclusivity. 

I used to be the highly pretentious and teen-angst ridden PeoplethinkImPlato. I wasn't Plato then, and I'm still not even remotely Plato.
[I was tempted to change it to Broskiwi, but I like the idea of keeping my two main online personas separate.]
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Welcome to The Tangent Hour. I, NotPlato, will be your host tonight.
I am become moar educated. This isn't even muh final for(u)m.
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    As for me, I'm Chaz. Bigger, better, and with 100% less questionable symbolism in my name.

    If any of you don't know me, I'm really just some dude who plays games. I'm also a forum fiend which explains my being here. You can usually find me in the mumble server talking bollocks.

    Oh yeah, mumble information...
    port 51438
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  • Griever567Griever567 Posts: 188Member
    Yo I'm griever, I just like to talk with people and maybe ocassional ask a question of game design

  • Andy_GAndy_G Posts: 287Member
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    I'm Andy, though I've changed my name slightly from the old forum to reflect my usual avatar name throughout the net. I've got an enthusiasm for games and mechanic discussion, but I'm mostly just a big nerd that likes computers and the mischief I can do on them.
    With any luck this forum will be just as lively as the old one in no time!
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    Dice for the dice gods!
  • galdon Posts: 259Member
    I'm Galdon; and I am stowing away on this ship. (Don't tell Plato) 

    I am an amateur game designer... so... par for the course for here? I am also sort of an artist, with about 4 light years left to travel before I reach the lauded status of "not bad". 
  • BernkastelWitchBernkastelWitch Posts: 12Member
    Bern here. Joined the previous forum for game design tips and stuff and I have a game concept/idea/whatever I want to make a reality someday. May post it here. Nothing much about me though.
  • vlademir1vlademir1 Posts: 428Member
    Hi, I'm vlad and I'm an... wait no, wrong intro let me try that again.

    Hi, I'm vlad.  I suck at explaining who and/or what I am and am into so generally prefer to just jump in and start talking about something.  You'll for sure see me discuss games, both video and tabletop, anime, some cartoons both old and new, lots of other mass media here and there, occasionally and politics, both identity politics and more general governmental policy and operation stuff.  Oh and food, always food.
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  • Frizbee2Frizbee2 Posts: 6Member
    Hello, I'm Frizbee, now with 100% more capitalization. I'm a fool with a rambling problem, and look forward to more discussion on these forums.
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    "Wisdom and virtue are like the two wheels of a cart."
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    Bow down to my cuteness!~
    Ahem... I've gotten used to being called Ammy online so you can use that. I'm a jack-of-all-trades type gamedev, business and whatnot. Currently a marketing dude by day, game/graphic designer and programmer by night. You can learn more on my twitter with my username.
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  • BellmanBellman Posts: 93Member
    Might have just changed me name on the sly when I had the chance because I'm not 13 anymore ;)
  • MixedUpzombiesMixedUpzombies Posts: 67Member
    I am Mixedupzombies or DJ. I like to make videos, podcasts, and the like on video games. Also despite this avatar the only Final Fantasy I have played for any decent chunk of time was XIV: A Realm Reborn. Expect me to change avatars on and off.

  • MadcatXMadcatX Posts: 29Member
    Hiya, Mad here. I enjoy long walks on the beach, have an amazing sense of humor, am rea.. wait... Heading here from soon to be closed older forums to continue reading interesting stuff from interesting people. 
  • TwylaTwyla Posts: 16Member
    Twyla Naythias Fox, self-proclaimed poster child for Toys-R-Us, old-skool gamer, programmer, writer, modeler, game dev, and all-around Jill of All Trades.
  • SeggiSeggi Posts: 157Member
    hey I'm Seggi, I'm looking to get a pet bunny soon, should be good (y)
  • taps1992taps1992 Posts: 161Member
    I'm Taps. My interest in video games have been on-and-off, and when I found out that EC has their own community which is really decent, I just had to jump right in. I'm now seriously thinking about making a game myself (and I did before, when I took a short 2 week course in game design 101 in Digipen Singapore...but that was 5/6 years ago and full of collision bugs lol)

    Current status? Playing around with creating low poly cartoon humans in Blender. I tried makehuman to create realistic humans but the clothing details that I want to design are a pain in the ass. Also still trying to figure out Unreal Engine and getting some C++ refresher from a coding friend of mine. Here's hoping that I can get some help in my game ideas and such!

    Other than that...some good convo starters with me could be on the Koei Warriors series, Crash Bandicoot, LBP, literature in general, music, tap dance (hence the username), movies, idk...just to give ideas. 
  • StarkerStarker Posts: 44Member
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    O brave new world,
    That has such people in it!

    Sup? Let's get this show rolling.
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  • SundaecatSundaecat Posts: 37Member
    Hi peoplez Ive gotten the results of the when is good and hopefully will schedule a tabletop night pretty soon :+1: 

    port : 51438

  • GizenshaGizensha Posts: 230Member
    Hey. I'm here from the old place. Liking the new decor, not entirely convinced by replacing quotes with an @replay system but the fact that multiquoting in the old place never quite worked for me will no longer be a problem. I'll adjust. Maybe.
  • therationalpitherationalpi Posts: 15Member
    Hey there, I'm therationalpi. Same name as always.

    I've been playing games pretty much my whole life, and have become pretty opinionated about them over the years. These days I mostly read Visual Novels and play Hearthstone way more than I should. I kind of disappeared for a while, because I got tired of discussions turning hostile and political, but I do like the game related discussions and just happened to be around at the right time to make the move over here.
  • IkonoIkono Posts: 44Administrator
    @Gizensha That's the reason I did it, really. Multi-quoting was messy and horrid, it got annoying after a few levels deep, etc. @ replying, whilst not the best system, is definitely cleaner.

    Anyways! Intro? I'm Alyssia, though most of you probably only know me by my pen name of Ikono. Go figure, you work under a certain name enough and it sticks even outside of work.
    What do I do? I maintain this site, I make games, I write trash yuri, and sometimes I do both at once.
  • pegastarstudiospegastarstudios Posts: 1Member
    Hey... M'name's Lee... I draw things... I am a girl... that's pretty much it.
  • ImpossibleImpossible Posts: 31Member
    I'm still lurking. Always lurking.

    Let's try to have nice things this time you guys.

  • PyrianPyrian Posts: 295Member
    I'm still the guy called Pyrian in the almost-white hat. Do I get to call myself an indie dev if I haven't released anything yet?
  • RobrechtRobrecht Posts: 292Member
    I'm Rob.
    Dutch, diagnosed Autist (Asperger's, back when that was still in the DSM). Bit of an asshole.

    My main involvement in games is as a player, but a couple of years back two friends of mine started their own indie mini-studio and through them I've since befriended or become acquainted with several other developers (indie and otherwise) in Europe. This has also led to me being indirectly mentioned on the latest Desert Bus for Hope.  (When Beej reads out the bit about the developer and some friends doing a dramatic reading, I'm one of those friends).

    Let's see, anything else? No, I think that's it for now.
  • lightlight Posts: 290Member
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    Hey, my teenage pseudonym "light" seems to be sticking, so call me that. I'm going to finish an undergraduate degree soon in Mathematics, but I have interests ranging from Theatre, Cognitive Science, Design, Music, Philosophy, and Literature to Architecture.

    I've always wanted to make games but as it stands lately I've been spending more time on forums than even playing them. There're few things online I enjoy more than a good game design discussion though so I hope to see some of those in the coming months.
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  • BlaksolBlaksol Posts: 20Member
    Blaksol's Angel says:
    So this is the new place huh?
    Blaksol's Faerie says:
    Woah, This is gonna take some getting used to.
    Blaksol's Watcher says:
    Iko thought she could keep us away with her new fangled security measures, but we shall not be silenced!
    Blaksol's Angel says:
    You know she helped Blaksol get us here in one piece right?
    Blaksol's Watcher says:
    No! Thats impossible! She's the one in charge around here! She MUST have some nefarious scheme to keep the people in order!
    Blaksol's Sylph says:
    Aww c'mon Watcher, Iko's good people.
    Blaksol's Watcher says:
    Your just in her pocket cos she gives you cookies!
    Blaksol's Sylph says:
    She gives me cookies!? Where are they!? Did you eat my cookies!?
    Blaksol's Watcher says:
    No! I know nothing of any cookies! Stay away from me you Psycho!
    Blaksol's Angel says:
    well at least we know those two came through intact. It's good to see everyone again. I'm sure we'll see you all around.
  • TriboundTribound Posts: 132Member
    I am Sina, aka Tribound aka Archie aka Karnatu aka Karn... ok I've had quite a lot of internet names over the years but Tribound is the one that's been sticking for the last couple of years. I'm currently studying Material Science which has been pretty stressful for me and I'll soon be approaching my sixth year in college though fortunately it's ending soon even if it's not as pleasant as I was hoping for. 

    I used to be a mapper for a number of RTS games and personally love level design as such. I'm concurrently attending a game development institute and am trying to learn game design with a little bit of programming. As for outside games, I've studied Philosophy for 7 years, politically am a progressive, I'm an internationalist and also love animals. You can usually find me playing Hearthstone or Dota regularly too.
    "The worst thing about Kotaku are the people who hate Kotaku." -- Chaz, March 2016
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    Taxable 2: Untaxable!
    Older, slower, unhealthier and... Where am I? What is this place? Why is everything different? Who the hell are you people?!
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  • KingDragonlordKingDragonlord Posts: 250Member
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    I'm KingDragonlord. I debated changing the over the top name because the joke wore off a long time ago but looks like everybody is more or less using their old names here so . . 

    I'm a web developer (also dabbles in databases, tech support, design) and a gamer (PC, Wii U, 3DS, the occasional old school RPG on my smartphone). I like listening to fantasy novels from Audible.
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    Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. You have neither solicited nor received ours. We did not invite you. You do not know us, nor do you know our world. Cyberspace does not lie within your borders. Do not think that you can build it, as though it were a public construction project. You cannot. It is an act of nature and it grows itself through our collective actions.

    -Cyberspace Declaration of Independence

  • GeneralsTOReGeneralsTORe Posts: 34Member
    It's good to see the new forums up already! Now I can feel better about participating in discussions again.

    Anywho, my name's GeneralsTORe, and I would consider myself an aspiring game designer. I find topics on different aspects of a games design, whether it be monetization in F2P to battle systems in an RPG, incredibly fascinating. I love all the different possible experiences games can bring and seeing how others make them. It's a rare day when I'm not musing over something in my head related to a game of some sort. I hope to have many good discussions with you all on various game design topics! :)

    Also, I enjoy listening to music, though my playlists mostly consist of Weird Al and video game soundtracks.
  • The_DudeThe_Dude Posts: 169Member
    Yeah, uh this is Fallout3Fan. Well formally known as such, I am now using my nickname The Dude. 
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