MMO RPG kin?

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Wow, it has been too long since I last swung by here.

However, I've got a bit of a request, if anyone is willing to oblige:

See, my only internet access at the moment is my tablet, and I'm finding that there are days where I am both bored an uninspired, so I'm kind of wondering if anyone knows of any games that would feel like the mindless progress of following the main story of an mmorpg, but is maybe a lesser known title? I'm well aware of The Elder Scrolls and Demon/Dark Souls, but neither of them are quite catching my fancy, as I never bother with crafting in MMORPGs, and Souls is, well, let's just say my reflexes with a keyboard or controller are by no means what they are in real life.

So, mayhaps something more mindless, like DDO sans crafting or I can at least really be a tank like the engineer I had on a cruiser in STO [My friend had an impossible time breaking my shields with the build I had, let alone doing noteworthy hull damage, and he was specked to wreck with an escort].


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    WB, dude.
    I haven't played an MMO for quite a few years so I can't help much.
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    So an offline MMOlike. Decent but forgiving combat setup on the slightly action-y side. Able to plug and chug at times and feel like you're making some progress.

    So a few options do come to mind, I think.

    Mount & Blade series makes you a warlord. Roll around with your posse in a world of sword and spear combat.

    Kingdoms of Amalur is often hit with "this feels like an offline mmo" quotes. A bit more sorcery to go around if that's your thing. Quite the world to explore. Some tips from another forum.

    Originally Posted by jotun?

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is basically a single-player MMO

    Just remember 3 rules to keep it from being too easy:
    1. Set the difficulty to max
    2. As soon as you enter an area, the enemies there are permanently locked to your level at that time. Don't enter new areas until you're ready for that to happen. If you enter an area briefly for a quest, then don't get back to it until 5 levels later, it will be trivially easy.
    3. Crafting your own equipment is overpowered. It's more fun if you just pretend blacksmithing doesn't exist.

    Dragon's Dogma is another strong sword and sorcery take that comes to mind.

    Final Fantasy XII, if you're into Sony consoles at all. It's not quite on PC yet, if the console is a limitation, but the rest of the FF's are so I kind of assume it will be coming someday. White Knight Chronicles is likely to be stuck on PS for a while longer.

    How are you on The Witcher or the Bioware rpgs? Dragon Age: Inquisition sometimes gets hit with the MMOlike tag. Even Mass Effect might scratch the itch in its own way. I still like playing the classic Knights of the Old Republic.

    Torchlight series and its predecessor the Fate series are pretty much offline Diablo, if that floats your boat. Lots of monsters to click and loot to pick up.

    A bit further afield would be the Borderlands series. Shooting with heavy influence from RPGs. The looting in particular is like Diablo with guns. Not the most challenging combat, as either an RPG or a Shooter, but some interesting worlds to roll around in.

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    That actually helps a lot, thanks desolation! I'd heard of most of them, but lack of exposure left me unaware of how they played.
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