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I'm not a dead dev yet but I hope you guys aren't dead with regards to giving playtesting feedback! So I'm working on this monstrosity project right now called Combat JugglVR and I've got a keyboard version up on itch.io


It's slated to be out for VR + Keyboard, but traveling to and fro a friend's place has set me back logistically, but I want to get as much feedback as possible on this while I have a working keyboard version, so I do have a couple of specific questions in mind:

1. Does the title Combat JugglVR make sense? This title came out because it's based on real life combat juggling* where you'd butt heads with jugglers with clubs and be the last man standing. I wanted to develop this for multiplayer too, but I've scaled down to just focusing on getting single player out. So does it still make sense to call in Combat JugglVR even without the multiplayer element?

2. How intuitive are the keyboard controls? And by extension, do you think the game can also stand alone as a keyboard game?

3. What's a good price point? I'm thinking $5 for a mini game like this, but I've seen more expensive/cheaper ones, keeping in mind that it's also for VR.

4. Is the UI screwing up in your monitor? I've tested this outside of Unity and it seems like the scaling went off. 

*Example of real life combat juggling:

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    Sorry, the game isn't downloading for me :(
    Will answer the other questions when i can

    1. Wait, title's have to make sense now? Welp, goodbye 30% of mainstream gaming


    3.Personally i wouldn't charge for an amatuer project. Like mine:
    I'm sure i could make some money, but trying to sell selling a weak game feels wrong somehow.

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    If you don't know how much to charge, you shouldn't be charging at all.
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    @Robrecht that is probably the single stupidest thing I've heard you say, Rob. A lot of musicians, for example, don't know how much to charge for their compositions simply because it can vary so much within the industry and not a lot of people are willing to talk about it.

    In my opinion, $5 would be a good price for a singleplayer VR game like this if it's really polished, with maybe a $2 polished keyboard version, or alternatively a workable $2 VR version and a free workable keyboard version. I don't know if a price discrepancy like that would alienate VR players or not, though.

    I kinda like the title, I'd even consider "Combat JvggleVR" and such variations, but I dunno, most people might not understand the u/v interchange. The name would make sense in single player so long as you're fighting against npc's. I don't have much context for this though, I'd be of more help but I'm on a mac and I can't run .exe's.
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    See, the problem with that is that if you don't already know what your product is worth, you shouldn't be looking at the prices that others charge at all.

    In order to reach a reasonable price for your digital product (whether that's a game, an e-book, music or what have you), you should look at how much it cost you to make and which price it needs to be for you to recoup those costs at any given number of units sold (within a given time frame, if required).
    Taps should not be asking 'could I get $5 for this?', they should be asking 'Could I manage to sell <the number required to recoup costs within the desired time frame> if I charge $5?'

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    @Robrecht (Just gonna say upfront that I'm sorry if my tone was too strong earlier, the subtext for that statement was meant to be that you generally say intelligent things so there you go.)

    You could do it that way, but even then it's subjective, though, when costs include a cost of living and cost of living depends entirely on one's standard of living. We might wish creators lived as frugally as possible and charged as little as possible, but it's perfectly fine by me for creators to match their standards to whatever the deemed value of the kind of work they create is.

    This could be its own discussion really.
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    @nujumkey I fixed the files, let's see if you can download them now. 

    1. Fair enough, I was probably overthinking this. Maybe the only people that would care are the jugglers themselves and the rest of the gaming world shrugs.
    3. IMO I've polished this to the best of my (current) ability, and I've done a lot of the work (3D graphics, SFX) in house, which is why it leads to the question about charging some moolah.

    I'm leaning more towards $5 to go with BOTH keyboard and VR (because I'd rather keep both files in one place), because it helps to cover the miscellaneous costs that crop up while developing the game, and it's also one way to see if this concept of having both VR and keyboard support within one game works well.

    Since I'm also holding down a full time job, that also brings up the question on how do I charge myself for my work, do I charge myself for the hours I put in (in the weekends/weeknights) or do I charge per "project"? Though honestly, I think a monthly designer's fee that's half my current salary would simplify the maths for this. And this is not even counting transport to and fro my friend's place to borrow their gear. 
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    Hey guys, I realise I made a dumbass noob mistake of not publishing the game prior to sharing the link: https://taps1992.itch.io/combat-jugglvr ;
    I had only realised that games don't get downloaded in draft mode when I did a google search yesterday. Had a good chat with a dev friend who tried downloading the game and that's the only time I bothered to google why heh.

    Anyway, those of you who are still following the thread, the correct link is in this post. I'm releasing it for free in the meantime since I don't really see any long tail benefit with the game at this current state. 

    I'll head back to my main thread to update on a new 2D point and click adventure game I'm working on.

    EDIT: said dev friend also mentioned that the folders are ordered incorrectly o_O I'm on my Mac at the moment so I can't check which folder it should be in.
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