How Video Games Were Made

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Retroware.TV featured this amazing video on their website today, and I just had to share this.

This video is part 1 of a series of comprehensive details on how video games were made for consoles, and it answers many interesting questions about early game development. Why was the background usually black during boss battles? What were the limitations that early consoles had to deal with, and how did developers use them to their advantage? How did Mode 7 and Super FX work? All these questions and more!


  • DaikunDaikun Posts: 169Member
    Part 2 is up, and the subject is workflow.

    This episodes delves into the many techniques that artists used to develop characters and their animations. We also learn how tile sets were used to design levels, how coding languages began and evolved, how music is programmed, hardware limitations for games and consoles, and how teams grew in size over time. The video finally ends with some great anecdotes from top game designers.
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    I always love to see these, even though I... don't entirely understand it. Technology, even old, outdated technology, is not something that comes naturally to me. I'm more likely to understand the person who made the thing than I am to understand what they made.
  • DaikunDaikun Posts: 169Member
    Part 3 is out, which focuses on how marketing and business in the games industry evolved in the 80s and 90s. In the age before the Internet became widespread, game companies had to use aggressive marketing strategies to get the word out for emerging games. The episode also delves into the conflicts that Japanese developers had to deal with regarding deadlines and shipping their games overseas, while also negotiating contracts for international developers and retailers.
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