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DaikunDaikun Posts: 169Member
Does anyone play Disney Infinity? If so, Disney has just announced that the franchise has been discontinued. The final two updates will be released in May and June, respectively, and developer Avalanche Software will be closing its doors.


  • PyrianPyrian Posts: 295Member
    Wow. Never played it myself, but I have friends who really liked it. And the developer's dying, too? I didn't think it did so poorly? Hrm.
  • Griever567Griever567 Posts: 188Member
    I wonder if this is signaling the fall of the toy/amiibo sort of thing.
  • TheBiggerFishTheBiggerFish Posts: 282Member
    I hope not, there's so much more potential (and money) in the "toys to life" genre. (Check out Prodigy for a good example.)
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  • NosyArgentCommanderNosyArgentCommander Posts: 210Member
    "Toys to life"? You mean "being forced to buy a figurine with your DLC"?  Skylander-likes had its advantages, but overall they were an abusive bussiness model.
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  • TheBiggerFishTheBiggerFish Posts: 282Member
    I really liked Skylanders. Loved the character design and found the idea very refreshing. I agree that if used wrong (See Skylanders Swap Force and Trap Team as well as LEGO Dimensions), it can be kind of an exploitative practice that's no good.
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  • Griever567Griever567 Posts: 188Member
    Honestly the fact it pretty much squashed any hope of a new classic format spyro game always kind of made me not fond of skylanders, not hate but certainly just very indifferent to its existence
  • LainiLaini Posts: 78Member
    I'm a bit surprised by that, it seems like the kind of thing that'd be very easy to make money with, it can't cost that much to make the toys compared to the mark up they can put on them, but maybe they just came into it too late, Skylanders really cornered that market, then Nintendo and Lego got in on it. 

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  • TheBiggerFishTheBiggerFish Posts: 282Member
    Actually LEGO came out even later than Disney Infinity did.
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  • DraczarDraczar Posts: 261Moderator
    @TheBiggerFish Lego dimensions has the advantage of being able to still be used as actual lego sets though.

    Really I think the big problem with 'toys to life' games is how rapidly they churn out new editions and toylines. Disney Infinity had what.... three editions in three years priced around £70 a go, plus all of the figures which range anywhere from £5 to £20 each... that's an expensive proposition even for the combined wallets of two adults and even if they were doing well so far I imagine Disney can see that eventually they are going to have major diminishing returns if they try to keep this up. (Although as somebody that collects Lego I have to say that I have a new respect for what my parents had to go through back when I had no concept of how much of their income my childhood collection of video games and toys represented)

    That and I have to wonder what the development costs are like for these sorts of things, its not like Amiibo where many of the functions are an afterthought just for the sake of having the amiibo do something in the game, some of the playsets are fairly substantial chunks of content, and then a lot of the characters have to work and be be fun to use in a bunch of different parts of the game outside of the playset they come with.
  • NotPlatoNotPlato Posts: 397Member
    @Griever567 ;
    It's less the fall of the genre and more just a failed competitor in the field. The other games may well grow stronger as a result, as fans of infinity transfer over to them. 
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  • DaikunDaikun Posts: 169Member
    It looks like Disney is switching gears in regards to video games. Instead of merely publishing games, they're producing cheap games that use RFID.
  • Griever567Griever567 Posts: 188Member
    I don't think fns would easily transfer to another game. I mean plastic figurines are expensive after all.
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