WIP: For Emery

taps1992taps1992 Posts: 163Member
Hey y'all,

I haven't updated my general dev diary for a while. But I'm not dead yet, so I'd like to present to you all: For Emery!

It's a point-and-click adventure game, but it's more on the interactive novel side of things. Do let me know your bug reports, comments, critiques, and more. Hope you enjoy it! (And maybe catch a few Gilgamesh references if you're a literary nerd too) 


  • taps1992taps1992 Posts: 163Member
    Uploaded a new patch that adds a drag and drop functionality. That ought to do away with the cursor issues on Act 2 Scene 1 whenever it enters a box collider here:

    With drag and drop:

  • nujumkeynujumkey Posts: 297Member
    did you do the art yourself o.O
    Twitter is @nujumkey
    Steam is Nujumkey
  • taps1992taps1992 Posts: 163Member
    @nujumkey Yep! 

    I'm about to shift everything over into a standalone format since GameJolt seems to have this error with the incorrect header check thing with Unity, but not at itch :| I've decided to put out only a demo and then give early access to those who are willing to tip a dollar! 

    The 0.4.1 build can now be found here - I've added a major cutscene in this patch.
    https://sanud.itch.io/for-emery ;
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