IGN acquires Humble Bundle

DaikunDaikun Posts: 169Member
Humble Bundle, the Steam-esque digital games store that donates a portion of its profits to charity, has been acquired by IGN.



  • PyrianPyrian Posts: 295Member
    Hmm. A game reviewer publishing games? I don't think I approve of this conglomeration.
  • nujumkeynujumkey Posts: 296Member
    important to note "Humble will continue to operate independently in the wake of the acquisition, with no significant business or staffing changes. It will have some degree of support from IGN (which is itself owned by digital media giant J2 Global), specifically in terms of accelerating growth and raising more money for charity."

    Humble will try to act as if it's independant, but i guess IGN will give them more marketing? Honestly i don't know who doesn't know about humble bundle at this point, but if those people exist they'll be console folks who would read IGN.
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  • PyrianPyrian Posts: 295Member
    I dunno, I just take that as corporate boilerplate. They always say that, even when it's straight-up nonsense. Ultimately these sorts of statements are handled by the public relations department with little or no input from the executives that decided on the strategy. And maybe that IS their strategy - a fairly common rule of thumb is that a purchased entity that does well is mostly left alone (aside from the inevitable exodus of employees "made redundant" mostly in support positions).

    I think business acquisitions are kind of fundamentally strange. Basically a price must be arrived at, and to arrive at that price, the seller has to think the money is better than keeping the company and the buyer has to think that acquiring the company is better than keeping the money. Maybe the conglomerate can be more efficient and maybe they have money to burn, but... It's actually very common that the sellers have a much better picture of their company's trajectory and are getting out while the getting is good.

  • taps1992taps1992 Posts: 161Member
    Probably more PR related stuff to boost their corporate social responsibility bit. 

    What are the chances of Humble getting shut down by IGN if it doesn't meet whatever target revenue that IGN is expecting though? Since this is a distribution channel unlike a development studio. 
  • PyrianPyrian Posts: 295Member
    Oh, roughly 100%. ;) And typically internal accounting treats the price of the buyout as an internal debt that the purchased entity has to pay off to count as profitable. ...It sucks.
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