Appealing to Bartle's "killers" in a safe way

TaciturnTaciturn Posts: 42Member
Those guys who get their jollies from dominating others or just ruining things.
I'm planning out a sort of cooperative social game. Any feature to outright prevent other people from playing is off the table. Maybe this does not sound like a Killer's sort of game but if there's any way to get them into the loop without ruining it for everyone else I'd like to at least try. Asking for ideas because you folks probably understand Bartle's types more intricately than I do.

Here are a few things I thought of. (These indicate features the Killers could use)
- Humiliating other players in a public fashion
- Annoyances that do not mechanically influence others
- Making a mockery of the game in general

In my experience (which means essentially nothing), I've met quite a few players who will quickly lose interest in a game if they can't mess with others. Also, I've seen disruptive players get along with others under the right circumstances, such as sharing a good laugh over something ridiculous the disruptive player did (Maybe that doesn't count as a Killer?).


  • PyrianPyrian Posts: 295Member
    Interesting thought. I want to add some ideas, but the samples you gave are broad enough to cover almost anything I could think of, anyway.
    One question I think you should ponder, though, is whether any of those options are worthwhile compared with focusing on your core audience. Will you gain more killers than you lose socializers by implementing them?

  • galdon Posts: 259Member
    Publicly humiliating or trolling players would probably upset peaceful players more than simply having pvp would, in my opinion. Getting killed in a game is just a brief frustration then you get back to playing, and you can defend yourself or get friends to helo defend you if necessary. 

    Being humiliated or repeatedly annoyed with no way to defend yourself would be massively more frustrating.

    What I would personally suggest would be allowing pvp, but balancing it with some kind of infamy system that rewards cooperative efforts to keep people safe and defeat infamous players. Killers would then be drawn to the roles of bandit/assassin and guard/bounty hunter, and would spend more time fighting each other than peaceful players. If killers cause too much trouble you can adjust rewards and penalties to urge more players into the guard role and if things are too peaceful you can adjust things to encourage the other role.

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