The 2017 GDC Failure Workshop

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So this year GDC had a failure workshop where devs come up to talk about their failed games and i loved it:

It's very rare you hear stories from unsuccessful devs, except in the case of failed kickstarter campaigns. Some of the games in here, especially the first one, are extremely interesting and i would have loved to see fleshed out. If you're like me and you constantly judge your selfworth by comparing yourself to others this was fantastic and interesting watch.

Edit: wanted to fix a grammer issue, also did you know if you edit a post with a video link the link breaks?
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    It's great that this talk can happen.

    You know, acceptance of failure is a nice aspect of our medium, where losing can still be enjoyable and you're seldom given just one chance. As opposed to say, theatre, where you get 90 seconds to audition, final performances can often be counted on one hand, and if you're watching you better pay attention. I think this has a spectacular effect on our behavior and expectations.

    I'm getting into rant territory but this one-shot mentality makes theatre people extremely quick to judgement, often impatient, and creates an exceptional episodic memory. While games foster natural curiosity, but encourage us to remember the bigger picture while ignoring immediate circumstance. This is a personal conflict and frustration I've experienced recently, but it's also a spiritual element that affects all of us.
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    GDC has other failure workshop videos. I'd recommend checking out their other videos on the subject if you need more advice.
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