Gamification and Propaganda

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I don't remember if this was a topic in this forum or the Forum That Shall Not Be Named, but there was the whole gamification/sesame china episode thing, so I thought people here might find this interesting.

Now, since that link discusses the Country That Shall Not Be Named, to be clear I'm not referring to the *content* of the propaganda - just its *use*. Like everyone I have an opinion on the content, it's just not subject here.
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    For the people tldr crowd:
    "Available in both Hebrew and English, awards users badges and points for completing “missions” — tasks or assignments — that involve spreading news stories and other messages through social media. Most promote positions taken by right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and focus on pushing back against the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (or BDS) movement. BDS seeks to leverage non-violent tactics to punish Israel economically for its ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories. According to another Haaretz report, Erdan, the Israeli minister has attempted to set-up an internal government database to track Israeli supporters of the BDS movement."
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    I know the knee-jerk reaction to the idea of gamification being used to motivate people to do things you dislike is to consider it an abuse. But gamification is not exactly brainwashing by any means. The people "playing" the "game" (As far as i can tell from this post) would be people who already believe the propaganda in the first place, and the system just helps motivate them to be more politically active. That's not inherently any worse than me playing a game to motivate myself to walk regularly.

    That said, I remember reading a while ago something about; I believe China? Doing something similar or planning to do something similar in a way that actually would have been abusive. In their system, they tied government incentives to your ranking in the "game" that is mandatory for everyone. Instead of being just a way to motivate you to be politicallly active it was a way for the government to track how supportive you are of the government and reward or punish you accordingly.

    What makes that abusive though is not the fact that there is a game involved, but rather, the governmental tracking and incentives  Rather than being a tool to help you do something you are already inclined to do, it's a way of forcing people to act a certain way. Or Else.
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