Save the Light

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"Steven Universe: Save the Light is an upcoming action-adventure role-playing video game by Grumpyface Studios based on the animated TV series Steven Universe." YASSS

"it is to be released in summer 2017 for PlayStation 4 and other consoles."

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  • Brother_NerdBrother_Nerd Posts: 50Member
    C'mon, guys, PC master race let's gooooo.
  • ChazChaz Posts: 385Administrator
    I mean, it's not unusual for kid focused games to end up on mainly consoles.
  • DaikunDaikun Posts: 169Member
    Oh no! How will I ever live without my licensed game?
  • UntaxableUntaxable Posts: 244Member
    No offense Gurmpyface, but now that I've thought about it I really want Supergiant to make a SU game. Damn you brain!

    @Daikun you're welcome to join the support group. These are trying times.
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  • vlademir1vlademir1 Posts: 428Member
    Talked about this thread with a friend and he was surprised and looked the game up.  It's apparently just coming to console first and PC a few months later.
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