Future games thread Redux

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Nearly all of the games that were mentioned in the thread last year that people were excited for have been released. And I'm not sure what to play when I finish Persona 5. So, aside from being busy enjoying so many great games we have at the moment, what is everyone looking forward to playing in the upcoming year?
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  • vlademir1vlademir1 Posts: 428Member
    Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Cuphead and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite are the only three I really see so far, but how interested I will be depends on whether they actually see a Linux native release and when or whether they run fine in Wine and won't see a Linux release (I direly hope they see a native Linux release). 
    TES:Legends is interesting in concept, but may be a bit too late entering that specific market and being ZeniMax/Bethesda will be unlikely to have native Linux support which has also kept me from other similar PC CCGs.  Maybe if they have a solid Android phone build however...
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  • TaciturnTaciturn Posts: 42Member
    Though technically not announced, a new expansion to Age of Empires 2 could plausibly release in November or December just judging by the past couple years.
  • ChazChaz Posts: 385Administrator
    Destiny 2. I got into Destiny late and despite it's problems it's legit one of my favourite games this generation.

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Still very interested at how a "realistic" historical RPG could turn out.

    Gwent. I already know this is good, but I'd like to see the game release.

    Conan: Exiles. I'm super into Conan but apparently the early access version of this game has... problems. Even so I'm looking forward to them shaping it up for an actual released version.

    Unannounced Armored Core game. We know From Software is working on one.
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