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So The Escapist is bleeding talent again? Cinemarter and Critical Miss / Erin Dies Alone are leaving the site. That leaves Yahtzee, Garwulf, occasional news posts, and sponsored content.


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    I haven't been on that site in ages.  I fell off reading Critical Miss quite a while ago and Yahtzee was never enough on his own to get me to bother checking the site.
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    i'm even less invested, i basically came for critical miss and sometimes yahtzee. Unsurprised the escapist is going down because for me there was zero value to 99% of the sites content. Although that is my limited perspective speaking, it's entirely possible the rest of the site is doing really cool stuff and i just never gave them a chance.
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  • galdon Posts: 259Member
    To be honest, I kinda forgot the escapist was still around. XD after learning they tried to weasel out of paying their people and tried to get their hand into the money raised for that arm surgery years ago I stopped visiting the site completely.
  • DaikunDaikun Posts: 169Member
    I stopped watching The Escapist when all their talent either left or were fired/canned. And no, I never considered Yahtzee their "talent"--he was way overrated.

    The Escapist was where I discovered Extra Credits; they've long since left. Loading Ready Run is no longer with the site, and I even enjoyed MovieBob during his tenure there, who was unceremoniously fired. I also enjoyed their fictional live-action shows, which were the highest-quality content they produced. Too bad none of them lasted beyond one season.

    Meanwhile, who do they still keep on the site after all these years? Freaking Yahtzee. Blech.
  • galdon Posts: 259Member
    I guess it makes sense from a cynical point of view. All the others mentioned make original content that could hit or miss from one new idea to another, relying more on their ideas, opinions, or humor to carry the show. Yahtzee, on the other hand does the same thing every episode; he talks fast and makes a lot of colorful metaphores to describe the latest new game. so, in theory he probably has more consistent views due to being consistently topical and not taking as much creative risk.
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    Honestly, I kinda feel bad for Yahtzee. During one of his early episodes, he decided that he really loved a game, and chose not to insult it in any way. Then, in some later episodes, he directly states that the blowback from not trash-talking a game was so bad that he'd just stick to the formula going forward because apparently he'd lose too many viewers to keep afloat otherwise. There have been a couple games since then that he's had to review and didn't want to, because he wanted to give them a shining review but knew that's not what people came to his channel for.

    So, much like Pewdie Pie, Yahtzee is playing a character, filling a role, and there's nothing wrong with being an actor. I find what Yahtzee does enjoyable, even when he makes it clear "Hey, assholes! I like this game, but because you're a bunch of fucknuggets and love to hear me tear into things, I'm going to do it so that I can get paid." Those are the episodes where I simply wish he didn't have to follow the formula all of the time.
  • lightlight Posts: 290Member
    Maybe Yahtzee isn't as good at reviewing things positively because he never does it.
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  • Brother_NerdBrother_Nerd Posts: 50Member
    @light There are actually a couple of different videos where he directly calls out his followers on reeming into him for giving a positive review. It wasn't because of the quality of the review, but rather, the fact that he gave one. They're relatively early, too, like the first 30 or so episodes. Can't narrow it down more than that at the moment, as I'm waiting on my data to reset. Spent too much of it catching up on EC.
  • lightlight Posts: 290Member
    I'm sure we could workshop some internet videos from like a decade ago if it came to that.

    There's a reason fans would be pissed, if they found out Yahtzee's snide remards were true all along, not just some meaningless comedy garbage meant to be ignored.

    I think I remember Elmo falling into Oscar's trash can one time and taking a long campaign through the pocket dimension getting out.

    Standing outside of the trashcan:
    Yahtzee before posting the positive videos could have been Elmo.
    Yahtzee before posting any of the videos could have been Oscar.
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    If I recall correctly, the game he gave a strong positive review to early on was psychonauts. It was still full of his usual humor (albiet still abit slower paced than now, as it was an older review) so it should not have been hated for a lack of humor compared to his other episodes.

    I can see three reasons it may have been hated; because it praised the game, because he complains about people not buying it several times, or because they participated in his pencil experiment in the beginning.
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