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Talk about your favorite podcasts here. A sentence or two describing the podcast would be helpful, too.

GeekNights - My top favorite! Two RIT graduates give their extensive knowledge about a variety of topics. Tech (Monday), games (Tuesday), and animation (Wednesday) are their main designated discussions, while Thursdays are free-for-all.

Sounds of the Commons - A radio show of sorts that plays a variety of music under the Creative Commons license. The show recently came back from a long hiatus, so check it out!

Hello from the Magic Tavern - A fantasy podcast about a man who fell into the magical world of Foon. The podcast updates every week where Arnie interviews the various creatures of Foon. (Start from the beginning; this podcast has storylines and continuity.)

Does anyone have more to share?
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    Yep, it's so modern that it prefers HTML over BBCode. :tongue:
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    Ooh! Podcasts are something I know about!

    First off, I should probably plug the podcast I'm actually on. The Kazamatsuri.org  podcast is all about Key, a visual novel company that's recently started bringing their works over to the US. Right now we're doing a bookclub for Clannad, and I've appeared on two episodes.

    The Angry Chicken, a podcast about Hearthstone. It's not particularly hardcore, but it's a fun way to keep up with the news in the game, and the hosts are fun to listen to. I've called in a few times on the Patron call-ins.

    The Penny Arcade Podcast, which is basically a fly-on-the-wall podcast where you listen to the creators of Penny Arcade putting together comics.

    Fear the Boot, a tabletop roleplaying podcast that's mostly a roundtable advice session where some experienced gamers talk about their thoughts on how to run a better tabletop game.

    I also listen to a few acoustics related podcasts. Sound Matters (brand new), Everything Sounds (mostly dead), Reasonably Sound (on a short hiatus). All three of these are NPR-style podcasts where  the hosts talk about sound related issues they find interesting. Everything Sounds is more directly informative, interviewing people with interesting projects related to sound. Reasonably Sound is by Mike Rugnetta (PBS Idea Channel), and he really likes to wax philosophical. And Sound Matters is really new, so I don't know what their schtick is yet.

    I'm considering starting my own podcast soon, also in the area of acoustics. It would be based around informal interviews with experts in acoustics, where they describe some concept in acoustics related to their work for lay-people, then discuss what it is that they do. It would basically be a piece of outreach work, similar to what I do with my blog. I already have my mic setup and a mic that I can send to my interview subjects. At this point it's just a matter of tracking down some interesting people and putting together a few episodes.
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    For science:

    The Infinite Monkey Cage: British (BBC Radio 4) podcast with Brian Cox as the scientist and the Robin Ince as the dunce comedian. Mostly panel based shows with other scientists and comedians (and for some reason Alan Moore on a couple of occasions). If you're a fan of QI you need to check this out.

    Startalk Radio: Of course you know what this is. I'd say that not all of it is equally interesting (some of the Cosmic Queries stuff in particular), but I do love it when there's science interviews with celebrities you usually wouldn't associate with science.

    For gaming:

    Daft Souls and Shut Up & Sit Down: I'm putting these together as they kinda have the same idea and people behind them. It's all a bit more about over analysing why they love a particular game than it is about over analysing the game itself. Daft Souls being about video games and Shut Up & Sit Down being about board games. Anything else from either site is also generally worth a watch and read.
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    Oh man I needed some more podcasts to help me with my painting!

    I usually listen in on the Cooptional Podcast run by Total Biscuit, Jessie Cox and Dodger, which is mostly just for shit talking and occasional conversations on current video game trends. They used to be better when the guests would bring in a topic to talk about regarding game design or usage, but that's been shelved for more random banter which is a double edged sword honestly.

    Otherwise another podcast would be Hello Internet by CPG Grey and Brady Haran, which again is mostly comprised of them talking of random topics from science to pop culture, and where most of my news of airplane crashes used to come from.

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    One of my favourite podcasts is run by the researchers for my favourite TV show, QI (Also known as the QI elves) and that's called No Such Thing as a Fish random facts about everything, the only requirement is that it has to be interesting... to somebody.

    One moderately funny gamer, Jesse Cox, teams up with the master of Youtube non-content Crendor to create the nonsense that is the Cox 'N' Crendor show.

    Then of course there is the weekly quest to discover the mystery of Gavin Dunn's eldritch diseases, Podquisition  Jim Sterling and Laura K Buzz might also be involved occasionally.
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    My favourite podcasts in roughly the order I prioritize them if they release episodes at the same time:

    Flip The Table - Boardgame podcast looking at the 'other side of gaming' - Cheesy weird and obscure games, mostly from the 80s and 90s, based in IP. Mostly terrible, occasional gem, always ends on a high note with the Battle of Wits.
    Ludology - Game podcast, primarially focusing on tabletop gaming, looking deeper at the why of gaming, be it gamer psychology, deep dives on mechanics, looks at design and design issues, many a deep analysis on luck in games. While it mainly focuses on tabletop gaming (The current hosts both have successful design experience in that space), it occasionally talks about videogame stuff, such as their interview with one of the people on the Hearthstone production team, and on one occasion did a deep dive on the design of pinball tables.
    Podquisition - Video game themed general chat podcast is probably the best way of describing it.
    The Dice Tower - General board game show, with lots of recurring features and segments but rarely the same features in any two shows.
    Roguelike Radio - Video game podcast focusing around the roguelike genre, with in depth discussions on specific roguelikes (sometimes with the creator, othertimes not), deep dives on issues in roguelike design, be it the pros and cons of the hunger clock, designing for the visually impaired and why there's as large a blind community for roguelikes, or UI design, and the annual pre-7drl and post-7drl episodes.

    Other podcasts I listen to regularly include The Party Gamecast Featuring The Party Game Cast (discussion of party games, and party foods), The Long View (deep dives of various board games), On Board Games (general board game discussion podcast, more in depth discussion and less feature rich than The Dice Tower), the Destructoid UK podcast (Laura K Buzz and other Brits who write for Destructoid discuss videogames), Low Player Count (Three people discuss one and two player board games), and Laura's Gaming Butts (In depth discussion of butts in videogames. Very sporadic updating, if it was more regular it could easily be one of my favorites)

    Podcasts I used to listen to and intend to start listening to again at some point would be Lesbian Talk (A married couple talk about whatever comes to mind. Usually Doctor Who.), and Welcome to Nightvale (Eldritch comedy/horror audio dramas).

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    The podcast I listen to the most is Cane and Rinse. I really like how they go in-depth with every game they talk about. I found it in someone's list of their favorite video game related podcasts. They said it's for if you're interested in a more academic approach to video games. Which immediately told me I was gonna like it. On Cane and Rinse they like to analyze video games in the same way I do.

    I also recently discovered Game Developers Radio. I've only listened to two so far, and they were both interviews with actual game developers. It's some really insightful stuff. Great to listen to if you're an aspiring game designer or developer.

    Then there's the Bithell Games Podcast that started recently. Hosted by Mike Bithell, the man behind Thomas Was Alone and Volume, and Alexander Sliwinski who works with Mike Bithell. Again it's really great to listen to if you're an aspiring designer or developer looking to get into the industry. But even if you aren't, I still think it's really interesting to hear about the game development process.
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    I'm just gonna throw mine out here. It's in order of the amounts of tangental babble:

    https://soundcloud.com/coxncrendor Cox & Crendor A show about the two youtubers doing a very thinly veiled morning show that often turns into discussions about crazy people. It's a giggle. Also here are some great animations of highlights on youtube.

    http://www.thejimquisition.com/category/podquisition/ Podquisition Already talked about by others. It's silly.

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dex!-podcast/id828697018?mt=2 The Dex Podcast It's a podcast about pokémon and pokémon only. A really feelgood news and speculation podcast. It's nice.

    http://www.hellointernet.fmHello Internet Probably the most wide appeal "two-dudes-talking podcast" I listen to. The two educational youtubers CGPGray and Brady Haran talks about mostly what they were talking about on the last podcast. It's charming.

    https://www.relay.fm/cortex Cortex CGPGray and podcast kingpin Myke Hurley talk about CGPGray, his work methods and his interest in efficiency. Workflows, ipads and self control. It's nerdy.

    http://www.flophousepodcast.com/episodes/ The Flop house A long running (7y+) bad movie podcast that has three really funny people hosting it. One of them is a writer for the daily show. It's chill.

    https://soundcloud.com/coxncrendor Serial Podcast about a crime and a mystery that is on it's second season. You have maybe heard of it. It's gripping.

    https://soundcloud.com/coxncrendor Radiolab Basically a informative radioshow about a different subject each episode. There is a lot of good interviews. It's well produced.

    Those are some of the ones I listen to which I would recommend. Also new forum wooo.

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    Podquisition, Serial and Hello Internet have been covered by others, but I also listen to Fistshark Marketing. http://fistshark.com/
    It's this... It's like... So I think the assumption is that EVERYONE knows about Welcome to Nightvale. So imagine that, but a comedy, set in the boardroom for some marketing executives. All the eldritch aspects are preserved, if not enhanced with the comedic value [Don't go into the Dog Park? NEVER use the break room]. It's played quite well too, considering it's usually about three seven minute skits of improv comedy. 
    Welcome to The Tangent Hour. I, NotPlato, will be your host tonight.
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    https://www.relay.fm/isometric Isometric is another gaming podcast, though it has a lot of focus on diversity and the industry. It's hosted by Brianna Wu, Steve Lubits, Georgie Dow, and just recently Micah Sargent (though his role used to be filled by Maddy Myers up until a few weeks ago). It's the main gaming podcast I listen to. 

    http://www.lorepodcast.com/ ;Lore looks at famous horror tropes and looks at how they've transformed through history and what makes them scary. It might be a bit too popular for here, it won a Best of 2015 from iTunes last year, but it's really interesting and sometimes a little terrifying on a dark night. Especially when the factual approach towards true stories can't reconcile horrifying occurrences (or when it reveals how terrible people can really be).

    http://headgum.com/podcasts/ifiwereyou/ ;If I Were You, my guilty pleasure podcast, it's an advice column hosted by Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld from College Humor. The people who ask the questions are some of the worst people I've ever heard, the questions are ridiculous, I love it. Especially when Ben Schwartz(Parks and Recreation) or Thomas Middleditch(Silicon Valley) are guest starring (their 100 episode had all four of them on at once with some of the weirdest questions I've ever heard).

    http://headgum.com/podcasts/overdue/ ;Overdue, from the same network as If I Were You, is kind of like a book club discussing books that you should've read, but never got around to. Even if you've never read the book, listening to the hosts discuss themes and plot devices in classic literature is really interesting, and probably better than Sparknotes. I'm still fairly new to this one, but I'm definitely sticking with it.
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    Found this one today, Basically the idea is they play through a movie but with gurps. So things in the movie is now entirely dependent on player choice and the role of a dice.

    First podcast was back to the future 2 and well they don't even make it back to the bad 1985 without screwing up everything beyond repair.
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    This has been somewhat useful for finding things to listen to during work.
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    I thought I'd posted here, but I guess not. 
    Outside various mentions by previous posters I tend to like  Word Funk which is the guys who did Blistered Thumbs Podcast once upon a time.  It's a fairly wide topic pool from across media including TV, films, comics and games.
    I'm not sure whether the RDA series What the Fuck is Wrong With You and Tech Q&A qualify as podcasts per se (both are internet radio segments that get recorded and uploaded to YouTube here), but I feel they're close enough that I typically treat 'em as such.  The former is a long running weekly news segment covering some of the weirder human behavior covered in the news while the later is a biweekly tech news and tech Q&A segment.
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    Man, I wish WTFIWWY would go back to the old sketch format before Nash turned it into a live show. It was way more entertaining back then. Now it's just boring.
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    @Daikun I may be misremembering but I'm fairly sure the live show came first, but he didn't record that until after he tried the sketch format.  It's kinda similar to how Nash spent years doing RDA as an internet radio station and building an audience before he ever did a single video.
    I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. Look upon my works and despair!

    Truth is never lying right there on the surface for everyone to quickly find, it requires dedication, the right tools and time.
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    Kinda bringing up an old thread from the dead, but I did manage to find some podcasts/interviews from old members of Looking Glass Studios talking about their time in the company and the games they worked on (Thief & System Shock being my favorites).
    Certainly a great listen if you're an old fan. :)

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    Here's a new one: The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air)

    From the show's own description: Atop the Eiffel Tower, a lonely janitor stumbles into a series of alternately surreal and comic adventures as he becomes part of a mystery: what is the secret behind the wildly popular, bizarrely impossible live radio variety show being broadcast from the tower's top?

    The show is meta-fictional and presented in the style of 1930s radio dramas. It's only on its second episode, so it won't take long to catch up. The show updates every other Wednesday.
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    A friend recommended this to me: Pessimists Archive

    It's a show that discusses old technology and the fears that the public had for them at the time of their invention. They showcase old quotes and anecdotes that seem silly in retrospect today.
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    At the risk of getting a little political, I'll recommend "Rationally Speaking". It's very much a podcast that takes the point of view of the "Rational" community (so your mileage may vary) but IMO it's at least a high quality version of that outlook.
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    The Bright Sessions - A radio drama about a psychologist named Dr. Bright who holds therapy sessions with patients who have supernatural abilities.
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